Police Authority Training System
Advanced Training on the Federal Constitutional Law of Field Policing

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It takes more than two...

Bob Thomas and Randy Means have a combined 80 years of full-time experience helping to solve the most complex and sensitive problems in American law enforcement. They have provided contractual legal and risk management services to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, including many of the largest and best in the country, and have trained about a half-million law enforcement officials. Their work has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, discussed on 60 Minutes, and featured on the Law Enforcement Television Network. They have appeared on the FBI Training Network and taught at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers. They have served as head of both their state and national professional associations. They managed the litigation in Graham v. Connor, the landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on use of force by police, and for 25 years were the primary legal and risk management instructors for the IACP. Bob Thomas and Randy Means are “America’s Police Attorneys”.

What The  PATS  Progam Is...

...And Why It's The Best

Violations of the Federal Constitution can cause evidence suppression in major cases, massive civil liability and even criminal prosecution of law enforcement officers. This training system teaches officers what they can and cannot lawfully do under the United States Constitution. It demonstrates how knowledge of the law can be a powerful tool for achieving investigative goals. It empowers officers to attain higher ethical standards, consistent with their oaths of office, without sacrifice of overall law enforcement effectiveness. Testing ensures learning.

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